[techtalk] 6.1 install, the undead

Ingrid Schupbach ingrid at miranda.org
Mon Nov 1 18:16:44 EST 1999

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Tonya Winter wrote:

> One of the reasons I wanted to upgrade is that I can't seem to mount the CD 
> ROM. I have tried many different pieces of advice. The most frequently 
> suggested being "type mount /dev/hdc/cdrom (or whatever your cdrom is 
> usually hdc but maybe hdb or ?)" When I type that command in any form I get 
> "can't find /dev/hdc/cdrom in /etc/mtab or /etc/fstab"
> I'm going to guess that its because I didn't set something up? I just 
> recieved Running Linux and Linux in a Nutshell both O'Reilly books. If you 
> happen to know what to look up in there that would be great. Or just giving 
> me advice directly is always appreciated! ;)
> Tonya

I'm certainly no expert, but when I first learned how to mount my CD-ROM,
I found www.control-escape.com/lx-mounting.html extraordinarily helpful.
First they explain carefully and in plain English what mounting is all
about.  Then they have a nice explanation of how your /etc/fstab needs to
be set up, complete with an example.  Though I'm in no position to help
you myself, maybe this site can shed some light on your troubles.

Good Luck!


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