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Thu Dec 23 15:37:10 EST 1999


I have been assigned a work, which I have no idea as to how I do it. I am
supposed to set-up Linux with Apache loaded for a small network. The people
here are web designers who would like to test their programs with this Linux
box running Apache. They also want to use Linux to connect to the Internet,
using a leased line of 64Kbps.

First, is there any GUI based tool for Apache. Also if there is good
starters documentation on Apache I would appreciate it very much.

They also want ASP to run on Linux. I know it is possible, since I remember
reading it somewhere,  but how do I do it.

What I am planning here is RED HAT 6.1!

What should do for the backend namely mysql?

Sorry about asking too many question.

I have only three days of deadline to complete this work.


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