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Cynthia Dale silly at redhat.com
Thu Dec 23 01:30:48 EST 1999

Here's something I just put up:
It covers lots of bases, so it should help you out.  As a BTW, BTW, I am
working on this part of the site a lot, so ya might want to keep an eye on
it for additions.  (:
P.S. I think the gui-based tool is called Comanche.  I haven't used it,
but other pepole I've talked to about it says it's not so much fun.

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, Tech Docs wrote:

> Folks
> I have been assigned a work, which I have no idea as to how I do it. I am
> supposed to set-up Linux with Apache loaded for a small network. The people
> here are web designers who would like to test their programs with this Linux
> box running Apache. They also want to use Linux to connect to the Internet,
> using a leased line of 64Kbps.
> First, is there any GUI based tool for Apache. Also if there is good
> starters documentation on Apache I would appreciate it very much.
> They also want ASP to run on Linux. I know it is possible, since I remember
> reading it somewhere,  but how do I do it.
> What I am planning here is RED HAT 6.1!
> What should do for the backend namely mysql?
> Sorry about asking too many question.
> I have only three days of deadline to complete this work.
> Cheers!
> Sriram
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