[techtalk] Kernel Compilations and lilo configs.

The Cat In The Hat catnthat76 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 19:17:55 EST 1999

$EDIT = your editor of choice - no flames please.

>1)  load the kernel onto a floppy so I can make sure linux will    > boot 
>with the new kernal

Put a blank floppy in the drive. As root at the /usr/src/linux prompt type 
make zdisk

>2)  backup the old kernal

You don't really have to back it up.  Just don't delete it.

>3)  install the new kernal

As root at the /usr/src/linux prompt type
make install
cd /boot
ls -l
See what the new kernel is called, its the one compiled recently.
cd /etc
$EDIT lilo.conf
Above the current kernel entry make a new one with a different label and 
point it at the new kernel image. Make sure that some place near the top of 
the file says prompt.
Save your work.
As root, type lilo
If it doesn't work then reboot again and hit the tab key, it will give you a 
list of the kernels you can choose, choose the old one.

P.S. You should have found this info in the Kernel HOWTO 
(howto.linuxberg.com) or an any of the numerous newbie sites (check out 
linux.com - they have lotsa hints.)

Good Luck,
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