[techtalk] Glint (was: RedHat newbie question)

Caitlyn Martin caitlyn at netferrets.net
Mon Dec 20 16:08:54 EST 1999

> I had an unpleasant experience with kpackage in KDE 1.1.1. I was
> removing unneeded packages after an installation, secure in the
> knowledge (so I thought) that kpackage would warn me if I was
> removing something with a dependancy on it.  I soon found this
> not to be the case. Just to be sure, I removed netscape-common
> (without removing navigator first) to see if I'd get a warning
> message. Kpackage removed n-c without so much as a word of
> protest.

Funny, my copy always protested.  In any case, kpackage has been updated
with 1.1.2, and the version in Red Hat 6.1 works flawlessly.  If you've
upgraded rpm you can use it with 6.0 as well.
> However, I
> stopped using kpackage and have been using gnorpm without
> problems.

I had gnorpm crash on me with unpleasant results.  I also find it counter
intuitive and a general pain to use.  kpackage at least handles updates the
way the -U option works in rpm.

You might want to try a newer version of kpackage.


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