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Walt pippin at fred.net
Mon Dec 20 13:56:43 EST 1999

Ok, in an effort to switch monitors (I was using an
old mac monitor that I could only get 640x480 on)
in an effort to get a higher-res, more easily navigable
desktop. I ran xf86config, but idiotically forgot to 
backup my previous monitor settings and now, no
matter what settings I give, it says Mode "XXXXxXXX"
not found. Deleting entry (or something like that, I
can post a link to /var/gdm/:0.log if anyone wants to
see it...

I'm running RH 6.0, enlightenment and GNOME.
And, my question is, how do I rerun the original
Xsetup? Like the one I did during the install? That
seemed to be the only way I could get a workable
XF86Config file...



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