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Hey There,
	A couple different ways to rerun the X setup. You can do it from
the setup utility choose Xsetup there. You can run xf86config(my favorite)
or you can run Xconfigurator. In any event the thing that you really need
to know are you video card, monitor refresh (you can usually guess unless
it's an old monitor that might get fried from a high refresh). If you have
trouble let me know and I'll send you a config based on your system.

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On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Walt wrote:

> Ok, in an effort to switch monitors (I was using an
> old mac monitor that I could only get 640x480 on)
> in an effort to get a higher-res, more easily navigable
> desktop. I ran xf86config, but idiotically forgot to 
> backup my previous monitor settings and now, no
> matter what settings I give, it says Mode "XXXXxXXX"
> not found. Deleting entry (or something like that, I
> can post a link to /var/gdm/:0.log if anyone wants to
> see it...
> I'm running RH 6.0, enlightenment and GNOME.
> And, my question is, how do I rerun the original
> Xsetup? Like the one I did during the install? That
> seemed to be the only way I could get a workable
> XF86Config file...
> Thanks,
> Walt
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