[techtalk] X in Corel vs. Red Hat (was: winmodem sound driver)

sara korhonen ceres at intter.net
Thu Dec 16 23:37:29 EST 1999

> > IMO, debian has a better package manager.  It also has about 3000
> What's better about it? I know (roughly) how RPM works and what features it offers, but what advantages does dpkg give me? Apart from better quality control ;-)

i never got really convinced about debians package manager system, and
rpm's made me tear my hair off (well, not literally). so, i installed
freebsd and found that its pgk managering is the best ever. if you have
enough space on your hard drive, you can install everything so, that you
say 'make install' and it fetches everything you need from the web
straight. debian does about the same thing, but the good thing in fbsd is
that you don't have to worrie about lib-troubles, like in linux quite
often. works like a train.


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