[techtalk] bash v1 vs. v2, was: Package managers

Nils Philippsen nils at wombat.dialup.fht-esslingen.de
Sun Dec 19 19:16:55 EST 1999

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Ian Phillips wrote:

> > Could you specify what you mean with "more smoothly" -- I don't want to
> > sound hostile, I'm just interested. Hey, I upgraded a running system from
> > libc5 to glibc with RPM, if that isn't smooth, what else? Admittedly, I
> > had to reboot to get the glibc version of init running instead of the old 
> > one.
> Wow, I'm impressed with that! I only started using RH at 5.0 (used to
> use slackware), and it was already glibc by then. One question you (or
> Cynthia) may be able to answer for me, why does RH still use bash 1.x
> as it's default shell, I'm sure that there is a good reason but I
> don't know what it is :-)

I don't know, too. At the moment I work only once a week [1] at Red Hat
and it's support, not development. There are some incompabilities between
v1 and v2 and I'm sure this is the reason for not completely switching
over to v2.

[1]: my primary job at the moment is to finish my diploma thesis

I personally don't think that it would be a risk to go to v2 and drop v1
-- I used it since it came out and had no problems so far. I (personally
-- disclaimer-a-gogo [tm]) think that having v2 as /bin/bash2 wasn't very
wise, as it complicates dropping v1 completely somewhere in the future

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