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Samantha Jo Moore sjmoore at TheTahoeGroup.com
Wed Dec 15 15:56:57 EST 1999

> Doesn't quite help though.  The cable connection I have at home is
> roadrunner, and like I said, I will probably cancel it sometime since I
> have a free dialup through work.  The dialup through work is actually a
> watered-down AOL account - it uses AOL's network but not the client, and
> has no email (and I detest AOL's email client anyways).  Therefore I
> don't have the option to dial up or connect with cable.

I don't quite understand what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to
send mail through your company's SMTP server while connected through your
cable connection?  That might not work if your company's SMTP server does
not allow relaying (you are connected from another domain).

If you're trying to use AOL's SMTP servers, same thing.  You probably
need to use you'r ISP's (the cable connection supplier's) SMTP server.

When you get rid of your cable and connect to your company via dialup
you will be able to use their SMTP server, and maybe even AOL's.

For all of this, your e-mail client is irrelevant.  You can use pine,
elm, and even redwood's (or is it Redmond's) mail clients.

> The thing that really got me, is that when I hooked up my old roommate's
> email through POP, the school's servers will send it if you're not dialed
> up into them, but when he sent an email, the receiver's server somehow
> sensed that he was relaying it from another domain, through the school's
> SMTP server.

Hmmm.  This doesn't make much sense to me.  Can you describe who is
to who, and where are the servers and the clients in this scenario?

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