[techtalk] POP mail

Di Gregory di at sleepy.giant.net
Wed Dec 15 16:42:16 EST 1999

Doesn't quite help though.  The cable connection I have at home is 
roadrunner, and like I said, I will probably cancel it sometime since I 
have a free dialup through work.  The dialup through work is actually a 
watered-down AOL account - it uses AOL's network but not the client, and 
has no email (and I detest AOL's email client anyways).  Therefore I 
don't have the option to dial up or connect with cable.

For our corporate email, we use Iplanet webtop and have a java or HTML 
client that you use through a browser.  It's all IMAP, and works fine.  
I'd like to use a "real" client though with my personal email.  Pine is 
great, but doesn't work very well with editing the text, and doesn't have 
nifty features like calendar, extended address book, or linking with 
Palm.  And I'm constantly yelling at people for sending me HTML messages.

The thing that really got me, is that when I hooked up my old roommate's 
email through POP, the school's servers will send it if you're not dialed 
up into them, but when he sent an email, the receiver's server somehow 
sensed that he was relaying it from another domain, through the school's 
SMTP server.

> to prevent unathorized use of the ISP mail servers they only allow hosts
> within the domain of the ISP to send mail to the SMTP server.
> The reason you may be getting the "we do not relay" message is because
> your mail client is identifying itself to the SMTP server as being from
> a different domain.  To solve this problem you need to connect to the ISP
> directly via a dialup PPP, ISN, or cable connection.  Alternatively you
> might want to tell your mail client to use a different SMTP server, maybe
> the one in your company, through which you are getting the connection.

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