[techtalk] POP mail

Di Gregory di at sleepy.giant.net
Thu Dec 16 00:44:27 EST 1999

Looks like I confused some people.

My work email is irrevelant.

It's my PERSONAL email that I am concerned about with the POP.  My 
regular email address is currently a Unix shell account.  They do have 
POP3 setup but AFAIK not SMTP.  If they do have it, I can't use it 
because I don't dial into them since it would be long distance anyways.  
So no matter what I do, I will not be in their domain.

My internet connection at home is right now cable.  I DO NOT want to use 
the cable's email address because I prefer not to have to move my email 
around all the time.  I am also on the road quite a bit and when I am 
away from home I use the dial-up that my employer provides.  I DO NOT 
have any SMTP or POP3 access with this dial-up account.  It is SIMPLY a 
ppp connection.  AOL has NOTHING to do with it, I am dialed up TO AOL but 
it is NOT an AOL account, it is ONLY PPP and THAT'S IT.

SO how do I have a POP email account if I can't dial up into the account 
directly.  I couldn't get the POP email to work when I set up my old 
roommate's I -THINK- because our dialup was a local provider, the pop 
email was through school (NOT the provider) and ALTHOUGH it DID work to 
"relay", the receiver server of the email did not accept it and send it 
back.  The message that it sent with it was "we do not accept relays".

Does this make any more sense?

> I don't quite understand what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to
> send mail through your company's SMTP server while connected through your
> cable connection?  That might not work if your company's SMTP server does
> not allow relaying (you are connected from another domain).

For one, "Iplanet Webtop" is a server implementation where you can access 
your corporate email which is behind a firewall using a secure access 
card and a web browser.  You can access it from ANY computer that has a 
web browser (including one behind another corporate firewall although 
java may be restricted there, the HTML format to get your email works 
though).  That's why they got us these "AOL.net" accounts, because all we 
need to access our corporate email is a web browser and a connection to 
the internet.  It saves the company lots of money on their own modem 
bank, long disstance fees, and laptops.

> If you're trying to use AOL's SMTP servers, same thing.  You probably
> need to use you'r ISP's (the cable connection supplier's) SMTP server.

Again, I'm not.  I can't - don't have any access to them.  And if I'm not 
connected with the cable, then what?

> When you get rid of your cable and connect to your company via dialup
> you will be able to use their SMTP server, and maybe even AOL's.

Their SMTP server is behind a firewall. And, I'm not attempting to use it 


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