[techtalk] winmodem sound driver

Nicole Zimmerman colby at wsu.edu
Tue Dec 14 18:48:26 EST 1999

pricewatch doesn't sell systems, it just lists places you can buy
systems and their corresponding prices. Oftentimes, you have to double
check with the manufacturer about the prices listed there and the
product that they have on their site (we've had problems with this in
the past).

i would look up where you actually bought the system from and bug them
about it... all pricewatch will do is pull their prices (if even that).


> Contact pricewatch and tell them that the box they sold you is
> not as advertised and would they please make good by providing
> you with equipment which IS as advertised.
> Over here (Australia), at least, you'd have a very VERY strong
> case to take to Small Claims - and the company would know it. In
> similar situations, I've never had to go that far. Just to inform
> the manager that _I_ know it, by mannerism and polite and repeated
> stating of the problem and desired solution.
> I don't know what it's like elsewhere.

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