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Theresa Radke wrote:
> #1.  I am a single mom, and full time college student on a very limited budget, the fact that I was able to swing a new system at all when my old p100 bit the dust is no small miracle.
> #2.  Wanting to give linux a whirl I wanted to purchase a box that would be linux compliant.  I went to pricewatch.com and purchased from their linux systems section this box that is very non linux compliant.
> 3.  I am simply trying to make the best of a bad situation without spending any more money.
> I'd like a solution to my issue, or a truthful information that it can't be resolved, not advice that I can't afford to take.

Contact pricewatch and tell them that the box they sold you is
not as advertised and would they please make good by providing
you with equipment which IS as advertised.

Over here (Australia), at least, you'd have a very VERY strong
case to take to Small Claims - and the company would know it. In
similar situations, I've never had to go that far. Just to inform
the manager that _I_ know it, by mannerism and polite and repeated
stating of the problem and desired solution.

I don't know what it's like elsewhere.

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