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Theresa Radke theresa at corelcity.com
Tue Dec 14 14:23:07 EST 1999

#1.  I am a single mom, and full time college student on a very limited budget, the fact that I was able to swing a new system at all when my old p100 bit the dust is no small miracle.

#2.  Wanting to give linux a whirl I wanted to purchase a box that would be linux compliant.  I went to pricewatch.com and purchased from their linux systems section this box that is very non linux compliant.

3.  I am simply trying to make the best of a bad situation without spending any more money.

I'd like a solution to my issue, or a truthful information that it can't be resolved, not advice that I can't afford to take.

Thanks :-)

On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:46:53 -0000 Ian Phillips <ianp at tibco.com> wrote:
>> A real waste of processor cycles?? How so?? you make it sound as if
>> running a driver for a winmodem is not a good thing to do, could you
>> please explain?
>I suspect that this was meant to disparage winmodems, not the Linux drivers. I tend to agree, since the cost savings aren't that much anyway it makes sense to me to spend the extra on a "real" modem and not have to thrash your CPU every time you need to go online, although I haven't looked at any performance figures for winmodems I imagine the CPU hit would be quite high.
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