[techtalk] Slackware and RPM

Jeff Dike jdike at karaya.com
Sun Dec 5 15:23:02 EST 1999

> I am a Slackware user and typically count on "tar" and "gzip" to
> extract packages. Some of the tools that I want to install are in RPM
> archives. How do I extract this source?

Sounds like what you want is alien (http://kitenet.net/programs/alien/).

Here's the freshmeat appindex record:

Alien is a program that converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and 
slackware tgz file formats. If you want to use a package from another 
distribution than the one you have installed on your system, you can use alien 
to convert it to your preferred package format and install it.

Available as an RPM :-)


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