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Kir Kolyshkin kir at sgp.sever.ru
Tue Dec 7 12:27:49 EST 1999

Nils Philippsen wrote:

> On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Laurel Fan wrote:
> > Excerpts from linuxchix: 5-Dec-99 [techtalk] Slackware and RPM by Subba
> > Rao at attglobal.net
> > > I am a Slackware user and typically count on "tar" and "gzip" to 3~
> > > extract packages.
> > > Some of the tools that I want to install are in RPM archives.
> > > How do I extract this source?
> >
> > A search of the Linux Documentation Project at www.linuxdoc.org comes up
> > with the "RPM+Slackware HOWTO", which may help you.
> >
> > Unlike the .deb format, for example, rpm archives cannot be easily
> > unpacked with normal unix tools.
> Unless you count perl as a normal unix tool. On
> http://www.iagora.com/~espel/rpm2cpio you can see how to grab the cpio.gz
> out of the rpm in perl -- rpm is just a cpio.gz with a header.
> Nils

mc (Midnight Commander) can easily handle rpm files...just press enter while
you stay on rpm file and it will be opened. Then you can see the package
contents and extract it using mc copy operation (F5). Maybe rpm binary should
be available, but I don't know.

RPM stands for Redhat Package Manager, so to install rpm file you should use
program named rpm. Inside a package is a precompiled binaries and stuff, so if
you care to get the source, grab srpm file.

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