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Kelly Lynn Martin kelly at poverty.bloomington.in.us
Thu Dec 2 13:14:24 EST 1999

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999 11:07:10 -0500, Subba Rao <subb3 at ibm.net> said:

>How can my other users on this system, have their own web pages?  I
>want them to have their own directories and HTML documents (in their
>$HOME directories). I may allow simple CGI programs.

To srm.conf (or really any of the other Apache configuration files,
it's just that it's usually put in srm.conf), add "UserDir
public_html" if it's not already there.  This tells Apache to map a
HTTP request for "/~user" to the local file "~user/public_html".  

For CGI, you will want to add "AddHandler cgi-script .cgi" or
something similar.  (Don't do this unless you trust your users.)

The Apache website has quite a bit of good documentation on how to
configure Apache, although it can be a bit confusing at time.  They do 
have a decent set of FAQs, though.  See http://www.apache.org.


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