[prog] Who were your best CompSci teachers?

Dan Richter daniel.richter at wimba.com
Mon Apr 7 15:09:48 EST 2003

>Who was your best, most formative, CompSci teacher, and why?

My best programming teacher was in high school. He was actually a biology 
teacher that tinkered with computers and began offering some programming 
classes. I already programmed in BASIC at that time, and he taught us how 
to program in Pascal. More importantly, he taught us how to program well 
and how to use standard data structures such as linked lists and binary trees.

As for my college professors, I have nothing good to say about them. Having 
taught myself C before starting college, I was way ahead of their classes, 
but they refused to let me skip. So I wrote letters during class, worked 
hard on the out-of-class assignments (just busy work for me), and graduated 
summa cum laude. Talk about a waste of four years!

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