[prog] Who were your best CompSci teachers?

Jimen Ching jching at flex.com
Mon Apr 7 12:17:47 EST 2003

On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Dan Richter wrote:
>As for my college professors, I have nothing good to say about them. Having
>taught myself C before starting college, I was way ahead of their classes,
>but they refused to let me skip. So I wrote letters during class, worked
>hard on the out-of-class assignments (just busy work for me), and graduated
>summa cum laude. Talk about a waste of four years!

I have a similar experience.  Though there were some good profs at my
University.  In my opinion, teaching a programming language in a
University is the wrong approach.  Programming theory/languages should be
taught in high school or community college.  Universities should
concentrate on higher level theory of computer science and engineering.
Such as operating system theory, database theory, queing theory.  Basic
algorithms like linked-lists, and recursion should be taught in high

Teaching linked-lists and C in a University setting is like teaching
algebra in this setting.  Its simply not challenging as a higher education

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