[Jobposts] DevOps Engineer at GrubHub

Ron D trueabilityjobs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 17:38:06 UTC 2015

*Title: **DevOps Engineer*
*Location: **New York, NY*

Please visit following Link to Take a shortcut to GrubHub recruiter's inbox
and take an Online Technical Interview On a Live Server NOW!

We want to bridge the gap between web developers and traditional tech ops
by building processes that support our infrastructure (both bare metal
private and public clouds) including management, monitoring, deployment.
This role will focus on allowing for scale to keep up with customer demand
while providing the best customer experience possible.

This role will work side by side with dev teams. We are looking for someone
that can work in the scrum, bridge the gap between dev and ops, and help
define tools, systems and processes.  This role will help provide a tech
ops perspective on story pick-ups and help facilitate tasks needed to keep
the runway clear for new code.  Daily tasks could include dev stand ups,
NOC information hand-offs for code coming down the pipe, building puppet
manifests, verifying continual integrations and deployments are functioning
as needed, and winning the ping pong championship!

• Proficient in high level script languages (Python preferred) as well as
script environments like bash
• Linux(Centos, Ubuntu)
• Puppet Experience (both master based and headless)
• Building/implementing monitoring for network, server and application
• Experience with monitoring tools such as nagios, zabbix, and cacti
• Experience with hardware and software firewalls, IPS, WAF, and additional
security layers (LDAP, SSO, 2Factor)
• Continuous integration, testing, and deployment
• Experience with both RDBMS (MySQL) and NoSQL (Cassandra, Couchbase, Mongo)
• A desire to automate everything!
• You should dream in technical documentation terms and want to share that
knowledge with the magical wiki
• Fear of black boxes - you should be interested in finding out how
everything (including custom internal coded systems) work
• Bonus points provided if you get a nervous tick when you find a single
point of failure or manual failover system.


With Regards,
Ron D

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