[Jobposts] Research internships at Mozilla in Mountain View, CA, USA

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 00:56:48 UTC 2012

Mozilla Research is looking for Ph.D students (potentially MS students
with a strong background) for summer 2013 internships; other time
periods are possible with discussion. Possible projects are available,
but bringing your own research ideas to the group is also an option.

Details are at: http://careers.mozilla.org/en-US/position/oxjHWfwd

These internships would be great for grad students with a background
in programming languages, systems, parallelism/concurrency, graphics,
or, of course, Web browser development. Not everyone is aware that
Mozilla has a thriving research group, but we do, with projects that
include building a new type-safe systems programming language, a
parallel Web browser, and applying programming language technology to
the body of JavaScript code available on the Web, As an engineer at
Mozilla Research, I would really like to see more diversity among our
research interns.

Internships are usually located in Mountain View, California, USA, in
the San Francisco Bay Area; salaries are very competitive and housing
and travel expenses are also provided in addition to that.
Telecommuting is not likely for internships except in special
circumstances. Mozilla is a global company, and accepts and encourages
international applicants for internships. I'm not completely sure how
visas work for international applicants, but am under the impression
that Mozilla assists with that.

It’s not too early to apply, and I encourage anyone interested to
follow the application process at the above link, as well as
contacting me at catamorphism at gmail.com so I can make sure your
application gets seen. Internships for undergrads are also available
in other parts of Mozilla. I encourage interested people to apply, but
don’t have much influence over those. For those interested in contract
or full-time jobs, I encourage you to check out the listings at
http://careers.mozilla.org/ as well.

Tim Chevalier (Research Engineer, Mozilla)

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