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Sr. Operations Tools Engineer - Develop Network Operations Tools for a
Unique/Challenging Platform

Join LiveOps in Tempe, AZ or Santa Clara, CA as a Sr. Operations Tools
Engineer and you will be looked to as an authority on the design,
development and maintenance for a unique set of tools for use by our
Network Operations team. In this role, you'll own a variety of
interesting projects such as building and hacking on/improving upon a
number of visualization tools for data metrics gathered from Linux
systems, our telephony hardware & software and networking devices, as
well as continuing to develop & managing our Nagios-based monitoring
infrastructure. You'll have the freedom to determine the best way to
reach your projects' stated goals and we'll look to you to investigate
new tools (we are open source friendly, though not opposed to commercial
solutions if needed).

As our Sr. Operations Tools Engineer, you will be responsible for
developing first-class, polished tools and interfaces (written in the
language of your choice) for use by Network Operations and other
internal teams. This will require a strong background developing in a
current (kernel v2.4+) Linux-based infrastructure for a 24/7/365,
high-volume environment. You'll need strong coding skills in a language
such as Ruby, Python, C, or Perl (and, of course, bash or other shell).
Solid web interface development experience is required - besides making
Operations team members' jobs easier and delivering the efficient
visibility into our platform we need, customers may see your tools
running on the big NOC screens and we need need these tools to
illustrate Network Operations' professionalism.

Visibility into our platform is paramount - we gather large amounts of
data and parse it to create various graphs and tables, but we regularly
need to fill requests for new information (or new views of existing
data). Plus, many of our existing graphs and tables are plain ugly, and
could use some help with their aesthetics.

One of your primary initial projects will be to take ownership of our
Nagios-based monitoring system - taking over the infrastructure, writing
or improving service checks, enhancing our internally-developed
front-end - thus your prior experience with monitoring solutions will be

Additional areas of technical exposure that would be valuable for this
role include experience working with structured change management and
version control software & processes.

This position does require on-call support for emergencies. We
understand the need for our employees to have down time and we try to
minimize the after hours work as much as possible. As well, our NOC is
skilled at doing initial investigation and problem resolution and do not
blindly escalate issues.

About LiveOps:

LiveOps is revolutionizing the world of work, starting with the virtual
call center. Our company has a world-class management team that includes
leaders from Genesys, eBay, Salesforce.com, Siebel, and Tellme - and an
amazing and enthusiastic engineering team that includes original
founders and engineers from Netscape/Mosaic, AOL, eBay and Microsoft. We
have built the most advanced on-demand call center platform anywhere to
help companies make their existing call centers more virtual.

We've not only established the future of distributed work, we've made it
a reality today. A privately held company backed by Menlo Ventures and
Benchmark Capital, LiveOps has been consistently growing revenue rapidly
and is led by one of the top visionaries in Silicon Valley Maynard Webb,
the former COO of eBay. Come join one of the most exciting companies in
the Bay Area and be part of a world class team building the next eBay
and Salesforce.com.

We are financially and strategically backed by Menlo Ventures, Benchmark
and CMEA. We have been profitable since 2006 with a solid financial
track record, and on a sound growth path to becoming a major player in
the contact center space.

To apply for this position or refer someone you know, please use our
online interview system managed by Accolo:


Once you have completed the interview, your information will be
forwarded to the hiring authority for decisions on next steps.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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