[Jobposts] Linux system administrator position - South Wales, UK.

Pete Phillips pete at smtl.co.uk
Tue Jan 16 16:29:42 UTC 2007


Our current sys admin is leaving us, and we are now recruiting for a
replacememnt. We are NOT a recruitment compeny - we are part of the UK
NHS, based in Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, South Wales.

The job entails maintaining all our servers (apache web, internal NFS,
mail server with postfix, DNS, firewall), maintaining our web sites
using a mixture of docbook XML (for www.worldwidewounds.com, our
electronic woundcare journal), Zope/Plone, and hand coded html
(www.smtl.co.uk, www.dressings.org), looking after our workstations (all
running Suse 9.3-10.0 at the moment), and general IT duties - backups,
printers, maintenance, upgrading, security etc.  (please don't comment
on the www.smtl.co.uk site!).

Also opportunities for perl coding for the docbook XML -> html scripts
we use. I'm not wedded to this - happy for it to be ported to python, or

We have a superb library of UNIX/Linux books, and subs to SysAdmin, LJ,
etc. High on our agenda at the moment is deployment of a new web server,
doing a new www.smtl.co.uk web site (yeah - I know - that looks pretty
gruesome now! to be fair I did code it in around 1996 and haven't done a
great deal with it since then), and structuring and deploying a
completely new medical device and dressings web site in Zope/Plone.

The lab employs around 17 scientists/admin staff, and is funded by the
Welsh Assembly Government to provide medical device testing and
technical support to the Welsh NHS, as well as commercial testing to
industry. It is a relaxed, flexible and friendly place to work
(IMHO). The rest of the employees are very easy to get on with - no
prima donnas.

Hours are flexible - people start between 8:00-9:30, and the lab is
usually empty by 17:00.  No regular weekend work expected.  Only in
emergencies :-)  

Hardware wise, we have a RAID NFS server, DNS server, firewall, external
web server, new firewall ready for commissioning, and 17-20
workstations.  Also 2 HP laser printers (b/w and colour), leased line
with UUNET (pipex as was, now called Verizon ?) going thriugh a Cisco
screening router, and a bunch of laptops running linux. We also run
samba for the small number of M$-based PC's we need.

In terms of important projects over the next year, we are hoping to
create and deploy a new Zope based site for the lab, a new medical
devices site site for generating income for the lab. I'd like the new
admin to re-write my perl scripts for XML-HTML conversion in a more
modular format, or even use Norm Walsh's XLS style sheets.

Salary is around 22-25k but the job description is under review for the
NHS Agenda for Change, so may change.

If you have any interest, I'd be happy to show interested applicants
around the lab, see the setup, and discuss any questions you have.

Email me at pete at smtl.co.uk 

Pete Phillips, Acting Director,     |   http://www.smtl.co.uk/
Surgical Materials Testing Lab,     |   http://www.worldwidewounds.com/
Princess of Wales Hospital, S Wales |   http://www.dressings.org/
Tel/Fax: +44 1656-752820/30         |   pete at smtl.co.uk

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