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Darragh O'Donoghue darragho at google.com
Tue Feb 20 09:46:14 UTC 2007

Software Engineer - Munich

Position based in Munich, Germany.

Are you:

    * ... a great coder, collaborator, inventor and architect all
rolled into one?
    * ... looking for the next cool problem to solve, in a fast-paced
and engineering-driven environment?
    * ... into working with massive amounts of data and excel at
finding patterns, inventing algorithms and designing systems?
    * ... entertained in your off hours by taking things apart just to
see how they work? Are you successful putting them back together when
you're done?
    * ... excited by the idea of making Google even faster, more
reliable, more available, more – well, Googley?

If you answered "Yes" to more than three of the above questions, you
may be our kind of Software Engineer! Keep reading.

We need engineers to develop the next generation search engine. Our
engineering team is working on problems in a number of areas,
including cutting-edge information retrieval algorithms, scalability
issues related to dealing with huge amounts of data and a rapidly
increasing user base, and a variety of novel search features. If you
have a need to bring order to a chaotic web, contact us.


    * University Degree in Computer Science or a closely related field
(Ph.D. a plus).
    * Strong C/C++ and/or Java programming skills.
    * Substantial knowledge of UNIX/Linux or Windows environments.
    * Extensive experience designing and programming large scale,
distributed systems, machine learning information retrieval
algorithms, network programming, linux kernel and/or developing large
software systems.
    * Extensive experience of software development.
    * Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems.
    * Fluency in English.

For consideration please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your
resume to jobs at google.com. Important: The subject field of your email
must include Software Engineer - Munich. Please include a list of all
your Computer Science coursework along with grades received for both
Undergraduate and Graduate courses.

Darragh O'Donoghue
Job Boards Specialist
Google Ireland
+353 1 543 1559

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