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Michelle Murrain michelle at murrain.net
Tue Apr 17 03:37:12 UTC 2007

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> From: Carnet Williams <carnet at tensa.com>
> Date: April 16, 2007 10:59:43 PM EDT
> To: "Riders-Talk at Npogroups. Riders-Talk at Npogroups. Org" <riders- 
> talk at npogroups.org>
> Subject: [RIDERS-TALK] Drupal Programmer Wanted
> Aloha,
> We are looking for a kick ass Drupal contractor.  Can be remote, or  
> why not come to Hawaii for two months.  Kick as team and totally  
> cutting edge Drupal implementation.  Thanks in advance for passing  
> on to anyone interested or other lists.
> carnet
> Us: A Hawaii-based social networking and online fundraising startup.
> You: A talented individual with PHP skills, MySQL skills, CSS  
> skills, surfing skills, etc.
> The offer: A short 2 month contract working remotely, possibly  
> leading to a long-term relationship (just as friends) if you know  
> your stuff.
> We're building ourselves a couple kick ass Drupal 5 social  
> networking sites a la teamsugar.com meets widgetbox.com meets  
> youtube.com. Working with custom CCK field modules, Views (and  
> friends), Usernode with CCK, Buddylist, etc. We're 100% committed  
> to the Drupal community and we'll be submitting patches for every  
> single little improvement to core/contrib and following those  
> issues through to RTBC.
> Requirements:
> * Must have working knowledge of Drupal 5 and the theme layer.
> * Must have ADVANCED experience programming in PHP.
> * Must have MySQL experience.
> Not required, but it would be great if:
> * You are comfortable with CSS.
> * You are active in the Drupal community.
> * You had some professional training.
> * You play well with others.
> If interested, send us a resume or links to work you've done, along  
> with your Drupal username to rob[at]chipin.com, along with a letter  
> of interest that is no longer than 3
> sentences long. Your work should speak for itself. Applicants from  
> countries other than the US are welcome to apply. If you do not  
> have expert knowledge of PHP, please DO NOT APPLY.
> Thanks,
> The ChipIn Team
> About ChipIn
> ChipIn empowers individuals to connect with people in their social  
> network to collect money for a personal cause, to purchase a gift,  
> or for community fundraising. We make this social eCommerce process  
> of connecting and collecting fun, easy and secure. We believe that  
> positive change will result from enabling groups to harness the  
> power of giving.
> About ChipIn’s Widgets
> ChipIn’s fundraising widgets were launched in 2006 and are viewed  
> millions of times each month. People from over 63 countries and all  
> 50 states have used ChipIn to collect funds for hundreds of  
> reasons. ChipIn’s widgets have been blogged about over 1,000 times,  
> featured in national newspapers (NY Times, Wall Street Journal),  
> and national news.

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