[Jobposts] SR Linux Engineer-Phoenix, AZ

Alisa Zapalova alisaz at naturaldata.net
Tue Apr 17 18:55:03 UTC 2007

We are seeking candidates & referrals for a Sr Linux Engineer in
Phoenix, AZ - 3rd tier Linux System Admins (2 folks) for contract (we
would prefer an option to hire, but beggars can not be choosers).
Document and Create process and procedures, Skills should be very strong
Linux, networking skills of course needed, custom coding, NetApp SAN exp
preferred, Clustered File System, Redhat, Oracle OCF22 Cluster Aware app
exp also preferred. 50-60 Linux servers in 4 data collocation
We are running a number of dynamic web sites from our internal systems
which are primarily SuSE 9.x Linux on Dell rack mount hardware. The
environment is all PHP, MySQL and Perl. We have a couple of FreeBSD
systems as well as some legacy 7.x and 8.x Red Hat but we are moving
everything towards our SuSE Standard.
We have Linux Admins on staff but are looking for 3rd level Sr Linux
Admin resource to assist in these specific areas. 
Project goals would include:
1.) Getting an automated and scripted SuSE 9.x Linux Enterprise Server
base install setup and working for our various hardware platforms and
environments (PowerEdge 2950's, 2850's and 2650's in that order of
2.) Getting Dell OpenManage utilities working under SuSE Linux so that
we have direct management capability of the RAID configuration and other
hardware details.
3.) Getting RPM's built for many of our applications such that it ties
into our scripted install. Many of the applications are open source.
4.) Running our Linux partitions from a NetApp LUN and tips and tricks
we can use to work off of snapshots of a single OS image that would
streamline the install and setup of systems from bare metal.
5.) Evaluation and possible implementation of a clustered file systems
such as OCFS2.
5.) Assistance in implementing single sign on for our Linux environment
so we don't have to setup SSL keys for each and every user on each and
every box. That may be RADIUS or integration with LDAP or just some
elegant automated scripting solution that propagates user setup from a
central location. We are open to listening to industry best practices in
that area.

With Best Regards,
Alisa Zapalova
hr at naturaldata.net
tel. 602-242-8222 ext. 227

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