[Jobposts] Several Network Security Software Engineer/Product Support Positions Available

Nicole colby at wsu.edu
Tue Apr 17 01:24:59 UTC 2007

There are several open positions at TriGeo Network Security, a network
security software company in Post Falls, Idaho (US). There are both
software engineering positions and product support positions available.
Our software is Java SE with some native components, and is delivered on
a Linux (debian) appliance.

These positions are all located in Post Falls and must be done on-site
(sorry telecommuters!). Relocation is considered a requirement, and we
have worked with applicants on relocation in the past. You'll see
questions about your current status/location in the interview process.

If you have questions about the company itself, or the available
positions, I would be glad to answer them. I wouldn't be posting them
here if we weren't a woman-friendly company. :o)

The best way to apply is to proceed through the screening system. The
job descriptions are available there as well as on our website:


1. System Administrator / Network Security Engineer: this position would
work to educate and support our customers, serving as a peer throughout
their implementation (and beyond). Generally, this position is targeted
at someone with system administration and network security in their


2. Java GUI Engineer: this position would continue to expand our
graphical interface team. Our interface is one of the most complimented
features of our technology, and we'd like to continue that trend by
expanding our team and delivering more innovative solutions. This
position is targeted at someone with J2SE GUI development experience
with Swing.


3. Senior Java Architect: this position would serve a senior role on our
team, helping to design, implement, test, and review our technology.
This position is targeted at someone with extensive Java skills,
experience building complex systems, and a willingness to serve as both
peer and advisor to an existing development team.


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