[Jobposts] Junior Security Engineer Positions

Elwing elwing at elwing.org
Tue Jan 17 09:29:24 EST 2006

Caveat: These positions are in Chantilly, VA (a suburb of Washington,  
DC) and while we don't require US citizenship, we do require that you  
are already authorized to work in the US - we won't support a visa.   
Also, as we typically hire only local applicants, there won't be any  
relocation assistance or interview expense help.  (ie, you pay your  
own way to get here)

Our "official" job announcement is at http://www.geminisecurity.com/ 
job.html - as well as instructions for applying.  If you don't follow  
those instructions, we won't be looking at your resume!  (of course,  
send me an e-mail as well so that I will recognize your name as it  
goes through our "process" :) )

What we do:
We're a very small company (8 people currently), primarily younger  
people, and we do "security consulting".  What does that mean? It  
means, if it has to do with security, we probably have our fingers in  
it.  Our two main tasks tend to be custom programming for clients,  
and security assessments (software, hardware, network, etc).  We're a  
pretty OS agnostic shop, but most of our clients deal with windows.   
There are quite a few that use Solaris, HP-UX and Linux, so we get  
our share.

What we're looking for:
Someone with both system/network administration and programming  
Someone who's willing to learn about some random piece of hardware or  
software and become an "expert" on it.
Someone who likes to dig into how things work - and how to break them.

We have a very casual and laid back environment, a foosball league  
(yes, we can play games at work :), and flexible times (within  
reason).  Some of us arrive at 7 and leave at 3, others don't arrive  
until 10am, but stay until 6 or 7pm.

We're always accepting resumes even if we're not actively hiring, but  
we will be starting a round of hiring within 2-3 months.


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