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Stacey Conlon sconlon at vmware.com
Thu Aug 10 18:11:25 UTC 2006

VMware is located in Palo Alto California USA
We are open to discussing opportunities with international applicants
We are able to sponsor work visas
VMware needs Engineers to work here on-site in Palo Alto.
Requirements are:
 BS in Computer Science
 linux systems/kernel development experience
 strong OS internals knowledge
(position descriptions attached)

VMware is the market leader in virtualization technology and we have grown
over100% annually for the past 3 years, revenue and headcount. 


We are looking to hire/add highly technical developers in the respective
areas of software engineering/kernel development, storage/networking
virtualization, Graphics (X11/Xserver internals), and also BIOS/chipset
engineering.  Listed below is an overview of our Virtual Machine Organization
within R&D.   


Virtual Machine Group:

Interactive Devices 

The Interactive Devices Team is responsible for the virtualization of the
Graphics / display (2D and 3D), keyboard, mouse, sound and the USB
controller.  This group supports the Workstation and GSX hosted products as
well as the ESX and VC product line.


Virtual Devices 

The Virtual Devices team creates software that emulates native devices for
all of VMware's products, especially those products that run on a hosted
operating system such as Workstation and GSX.  Our focus is on storage and
networking, and our mission is to sustain VMware's lead in best-in-class
device emulation through innovative features, near-native performance, and
strategic support of new classes of devices. 



Platform Infrastructure 

The Platform Infrastructure subgroup is tasked with owning interfaces with
the virtual machine monitor, device emulation, Linux, Mac OS and windows
kernels, as well as chipset and other low-level virtualization.  Also
providing OS independent systems abstractions such as threading primitives,
locking models and memory management also fall into this area. 



This team is tasked with extending VMware software to support
"paravirtualized" (i.e., virtualization-aware) guest operating systems.
Specifically, the team is responsible for 1) architecting the hypercall
interfaces between guest operating systems and the hypervisor, and 2)
implementing the support for the hypercalls in both the guest operating
systems and hypervisor.


 Thank you, please contact me with any questions.

Stacey Hansen Conlon
Technical Recruiter
650-475-5000 x864
sconlon at vmware.com

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