[Jobposts] Windows reverse engineering help wanted

Meredydd Luff meredydd.luff at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 13 22:23:15 UTC 2006

Hey there,

I'm looking for a hand with some Windows reverse-engineering work. In
a nutshell, it's a system (Yahoo Messenger, to be precise) that
pretends to be speaking standard HTTP Digest authentication, but it's
not. It seems to be including some magic value in an MD5 hash, to
prove to the server that it's an "authentic" client. Now, I'd quite
like to interoperate, but I'm in need of someone familiar with taking
apart a running Windows program in a debugger, to help me figure out
what precisely it's adding in there.

I'm hoping it would be a relatively quick job, for someone familiar
with the technology - a few hours' work, if all is well, and the
problem is what I predict it to be. If timezones permit, I would be
willing to be "on call" on IRC or instant messaging to discuss results
and offer assistance as you go.

Full disclosure: Although I would have no problems with releasing the
results into public view (or even releasing the software to do it as
OSS), this is for a commercial project, and so I would be willing to
pay market rates, (hence the CC to Jobposts). I'm not representing a
company - I am actually subcontracted myself by an ISV, but it's just
lil' old me to talk to.

If you could give me a hand - or if you could suggest someone who
might, please do let me know!


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