[Jobposts] Python Programmer Positions -- Sydney/Australia

Sara Falamaki sara.slug at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 13:26:05 UTC 2006

Hi Linuxchix,

My company is recruiting programmers!  We've got a team of really cool
people working here and a great company culture.  If you're interested
in either of these positions, or have any questions about them, please
send me an email.  If you're an experienced Flash programmer, we'd
also love to hear from you.  The team is in Sydney, Australia, but we
might be able to make arrangements if you're located elsewhere.


1. Senior Programmer. Full Time.

We are a multimedia web application start up looking for a seasoned web
application developer to join our team.

The successful applicant will be a professional and an enthusiast who enjoys
writing quality code, learning new things, being challenged and inspiring
confidence in others. This is an opportunity to be part of a promising
Australian start up, to take on responsibility, to further your executive
and technical career. We have a sister company incorporated in Japan, 8
nationalities represented in our Sydney office and a rich and pleasant
working environment.

Your role will be to help our team with the following tasks:

* Refine requirements.
* Design and implement software.
* Produce beautifully written documents explaining and recording your work.
* Solve web development and network programming problems.
* Provide technical advice and feedback to other departments.


* Experience implementing a medium to large project with Python.
* Network/concurrent programming (sockets, client/server, mutex, etc.).
* Some experience with a UNIX development environment.
* Polished teamwork skills.
* Excellent spoken and written English.

Highly Regarded

* Active participation in web based culture/society.
* Ruby/Perl programming.
* Software team leadership experience.
* Experience scaling web applications.
* Experience with database technologies
* C/Python API experience.
* Multi lingual.
* Laser vision like Superman. (Just kidding.)

2. Python Programmer Position.  Contract or Full-time

We are looking for a programmer to join our small, friendly team, working on
a server for a global Web 2.0 multimedia application in a fast-paced

The applicant should have experience in Python, Linux, and associated open
source tools. Knowledge of file-system and/or database replication,
distributed systems, synchronisation, and load-balancing will be highly

The applicant should be a competent programmer, with good written and oral
communication skills and must demonstrate maturity in a collaborative team

Sara Falamaki              http://falamaki.id.au

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