[Jobposts] kernel and/or application programmers wanted in Illinois, USA

Sarah Burney sburney at codexnovus.com
Wed Oct 12 08:02:54 EST 2005

CodexNovus, whose specialities are high definition video, multi-channel 
audio, and network-based delivery of multimedia, is looking for 
experienced, superior computer programmers.

A successful candidate will have at least a Bachelor's degree, be competent 
in C programming, and be familiar with the Linux Operating System and open 
source tools such as GCC, GDB and SVN.

A kernel programmer will be familiar, and have experience with Linux memory 
allocation, I/O scheduling, task scheduling, Real-Time concerns, 
preemption, fast booting, and kernel metrics.

An application programmer will be familiar and have experience with HTML, 
PHP, and SQL or X Window and open source graphic toolkits.

Our programming team members are responsible for specifying, writing, 
modifying, testing and debugging code.

We are located in east central Illinois, USA, and welcome international 
applicants, and a pre-existing work visa is required, with the 
understanding that the company will not bear the cost of work visa changes, 
nor will it fund "green card" applications, except by prior 
agreement.  Telecommuting may be possible at some point, but not 
initially.  Salaries for this position start at $45,000 USD per year, and 
are commensurate with experience.

Come join our high tech product team!  Get acquainted with our products at 
http://www.codexnovus.com, and email your resume to sburney at codexnovus.com.

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