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Andie Clarke andie at devastation3.com
Tue Oct 11 12:58:12 EST 2005


Hello all! 

We are requesting referrals or direct interest for the
following senior level positions in the Bay area. 

Director Technical Product Marketing - Wireless 
Senior Sales Engineer - Security Focus 
Senior Linux/Solaris Network Administrator - VoIP 
PeopleSoft Business Analyst and CRM Developer 

Full job descriptions may be found here:
http://planetschnoogie.com - click on Open Jobs or direct

We are actively seeking two to three new clients to represent
for Q-4 05 and Q1 06 staffng needs. Please shoot me an email to
start a dialogue on how we may provide results. 

In closing - please check out my updated profile -- When you
get a chance, send me an update. 

Thanks so much! 
-Andie Clarke 
Founder - 
P.S. Recruiting 

Comic Strip of the Day - Screaming Chicken

Also find me on http://linkedin.com

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P.S. I've included my Plaxo card below so that you have my current information.  I've also attached a copy as a vCard.

 | Andie Clarke
 | andie at devastation3.com
 | Founder
 | PlanetSchnoogie
 | http://planetschnoogie.com
 | http://whatevergames.com
 | work: 541-549-8468
 | im: recruitergrrl at hotmail.com

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