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Thu May 19 13:02:01 EST 2005

Another job at Babeland ... this one could be pretty Linux-y, since all 
the Web servers and Urchin are running on Linux. Programming ability, 
although not central, would be a great plus.

This job is full-time, permanent, and would require U.S. citizenship or 
permanent residency.

Babeland is a great place to work, and quite different from your typical
tech. company -- the IT team and most of the tech. contractors (e.g. Web
designers) are women, and feminism is one of the core values of the



Online at: http://www.babeland.com/about/jobs/web-marketing-analyst

Toys in Babeland is looking for a Web Marketing Analyst! 

This is a position that involves both computer savvy and analytical 
ability (if you loved taking statistics, read on!). Someone who can take 
a look at the jumble of data that comes through Web logs, and figure out 
a good process to analyze that information to see which ads are most 
effective, what key words provide the best return on investment, how to 
optimize our affiliates program, and how to give us the best visibility 
on search engines. And, of course, someone who wants to help fulfill the 
Toys in Babeland mission:

Toys in Babeland is a sex toy retailer run by women whose mission is to 
promote and celebrate sexual vitality by providing an honest, open and 
fun environment, encouraging personal empowerment, educating our 
community, and supporting a more passionate world for us all. We offer 
top quality products, a pleasant place to shop, and most of all 
information and encouragement for those who want to explore their 
sexuality.  At Toys in Babeland we believe that everyone has a right to 
consensual sexual pleasure.

This position's main goal is to run and analyze campaigns that draw 
visitors to the Web site.  These include placing pay per click ads using 
Google AdWords and Overture, analyzing those results (e.g., which 
keywords are paying for themselves?), figuring out the best ways to 
analyze Web log data, Web SEO, optimizing results from our newsletter, 
and affiliate management. Moreover, this position needs to help maintain 
some of our Web site functions, especially as they relate to Web 
marketing. Applicants should either have experience with all of these or 
have experience with some of these and a desire and the ability to learn 
the rest with minimal handholding.

Just so you know, we only use ethical methods for marketing -- our 
customer mailing list is opt-in only (no one is added to our list who 
didn't specifically sign up), we detest and certainly won't advertise on 
spyware networks, and we never, ever, give out customer information. 
We're looking for candidates with similar values.

Please send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements via email by 
Wed., May 25, to jobs-wma at babeland.com. This job will be based in our 
Oakland office, located in Oakland Chinatown. Full benefits, EOE.  
People of color encouraged to apply.  No calls, please.

Our Web site: http://www.babeland.com/

Some key requirements:

* Analytical ability. Be prepared to give examples. We're looking for 
someone who can figure out the right questions to ask and coming up with 
the answers. Some examples of questions: What are our most profitable 
PPC ads? How do different campaigns affect each others' numbers (e.g., 
how does a PPC campaign affect organic search)? How do we measure 
customer loyalty programs? What key words are most effective? Who are 
our customers?

* Ability to automate much of the above (e.g., regularly reports). 
Toward this end, experience with scripting languages like Python or Ruby 
would be a big plus. Experience with Linux would be very helpful, too, 
since all of our Web servers (including our analytical computers) run on 
Linux (we use SuSE and Debian).

* Experience with Web Search Engine Optimization.

* Experience with online advertising, particularly PPC.

* Experience with affiliate programs.

Job description:

Web Marketing Analyst

The Web Marketing Analyst is responsible for our e-mail and Web-based 
marketing efforts promoting our Web site. In particular, the Web 
Marketing Analyst analyzes available data (logs, Web pages, search 
rankings) and also runs several promotional programs, including PPC ads, 
Web SEO, the newsletter, and the affiliates program.


.	Places pay-per click (PPC) ads on Google, Overture, and others, 
and tracks their performance.
.	Comes up with a methodology for analyzing the results of our 
campaigns, including figuring out how to find out answers to questions 
such as: Which PPC ads are the most profitable? How do different 
campaigns affect each others' numbers (e.g., how does a PPC campaign 
affect organic search)? 
.	Optimizes our Web pages for search engines. Includes generating 
search ranking reports and running simulations against our pages using 
tools such as Web Position Gold and Wordtracker. 
.	Administers our affiliates program. This includes vetting 
affiliates, promoting the affiliate program, analysis of affiliate data, 
implementing a new affiliate system, and administrating that system
.	Send out and track the Babeland Briefs.  
.	Recommends software for analysis (e.g. ClickTracks, Urchin, 
WebPosition Gold, WordTracker, etc.). 
.	Keeps up-to-date on trends in Web marketing/promotion.
.	Provides reports and analysis on the effectiveness of our 
.	Administers contests and promotions.


.	Quick thinker; can adapt to changing situations.
.	Experience with data analysis and reporting, either with 
marketing/Web or a related field (e.g., finance, statistics, IT). 
.	Familiarity with Web SEO. Ideally, has done some SEO work in the 
.	Experience working with affiliate programs 
.	General marketing, writing, and/or editing experience a big plus

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