[Jobposts] linux systems engineer job in new zealand

Karen Liesenfeld sun at kaktus.de
Tue Jun 14 18:09:01 EST 2005

We are looking for more linux engineers.
If you are interested, please mail you CV to Lawrence Brock
lawrenceb at asterisk.co.nz.
Any questions about the kind of work can be directed at me
karenl at asterisk.co.nz .

Have a nice day,

-------More info--------

>From our web site, http://www.asterisk.co.nz:

We have some of the best Linux brains in New Zealand working for our
little company but we need more. We have built up a great customer base
over the four years we have been operating and we have invented some
amazing products - check out pc-reviver.com, for instance, and there are
If you want to live in Auckland, New Zealand and you are a first-class
Linux engineer, a really passionate, creative and hard-working Linux
geek, we have a place for you. We are New Zealand's leading Linux and
Open Source company and financially stable. We can help you get a
working permit and will give you help if you need it to start a life in
this beautiful little country, although we would expect you to make most
of that effort yourself. 
Are you this person?
First and foremost you know Linux. You are a confident C programmer and
script writer. You would not shrink from hacking the kernel although it
would be rare for you to do so. You understand dependencies and have a
great memory for facts about versions and libraries. You understand
security. It is a major consideration with everything you do and
IPTables holds few mysteries for you. You aren't a distribution zealot
although you possibly prefer Debian. You understand that, for commercial
reasons, we can't limit ourselves to that or any version of Linux. You
will speak and understand English well enough to communicate with a
customer on the phone. You will probably have some qualifications but in
the Linux world experience is more important than bits of paper. You
will be tolerant both in your views of the world generally and as an
engineer - we work as a team and it is important that everyone
recognises that there is always more than one way of doing things. More
than one Linux distribution, more than one mailing daemon, more than one
opinion in the group. 
In the matter of salary, translating what you can expect to earn in New
Zealand into Euros or US dollars will not impress you. However people at
Asterisk are well paid by New Zealand standards. Not handsomely, but
well. They certainly earn enough to live on, enjoy recreations and in
some cases raise children.

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