[Jobposts] nVidia Employment Opportunity

Kevin Eikanas keikanas at nvidia.com
Sat Jun 11 06:50:55 EST 2005

nVidia Corporation
San Jose, CA USA
US Applicants 
No Telecommute

Send resumes or questions to: keikanas at nvidia.com

About nVIDIA
NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) is a market leader in graphics and digital media
processors. NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), media and
communications processors (MCPs), and wireless media processors (WMPs)
have broad market reach and are incorporated into a variety of
platforms, including consumer and enterprise PCs, notebooks,
workstations, mobile phones, PDAs, and game consoles.
NVIDIA's customers are OEMs, add-in card manufacturers, system builders,
and consumer electronics companies worldwide who choose NVIDIA
technology as a core component for their solutions. NVIDIA's
award-winning products deliver superior performance and reliability for
graphics, video, and communications solutions in the areas of
manufacturing, science, multimedia, entertainment, and education.


Design and implement kernel level drivers and software for various
operating system and hardware platforms. Use your experience in embedded
operating systems and hardware fundamentals to support development of
next generation multimedia graphics solutions for navigation, arcade,
consumer electronics and other embedded platforms.

-BSEE/CS or equivalent
-5+ years of experience in developing low-level device drivers on
multiple operating systems including Windows, Solaris, Apple, Linux,
VxWorks, QNX and/or Windows CE.
-Detailed knowledge of operating system internals, C/C++ language, as
well as various driver models.
-Must be able to work closely with both hardware designers as well as
other driver engineers to design, develop, and debug functional and
performance aspects of multimedia subsystems. 
-Requires low-level operating system knowledge, specifically
memory/resource management, scheduling and process control, and hardware
-Experience with complex system debugging invaluable.


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