[Jobposts] OGI/OHSU Solaris Position, Portland, OR, USA

Paul Heinlein heinlein at cse.ogi.edu
Thu May 20 15:22:17 EST 2004

Carla Schroder recommended that I post this job outline here. The 
official job description hasn't yet been written or posted, so this is 
my from-the-trenches description. My supervisor (address below) will 
be able to give or point you to the official verbiage when it becomes 

The Oregon Health & Science University is in Portland, Oregon, but 
this position is at the OGI School of Science & Engineering, located 
in the nether region between Beaverton and Hillsboro in the western 
suburbs. If you're familiar with the area, we're quite near 

The IT team of which I'm a part will soon need a full-time, on-site 
Solaris/Linux administrator. The emphasis is on the Solaris side of 
things, at least for the next couple years. After that, our commitment 
to Solaris is a bit murky.

The Solaris admin will take OS- and hardware-level responsibilities 
for our current Sun servers:

* mail server (220R, Solaris 9, sendmail/mimedefang/sophos)
* departmental web server (V120, Solaris 9, apache/php)
* school web server (V120, Solaris 9, apache/coldfusion)
* school web development server (V240, Solaris 9, apache/coldfusion)
* backup server (V240, Solaris 9, Oracle backup, Quantum M1500
* nis/dhcp/radius servers (2 V120s, Solaris 9)
* educational login server (E4500, Solaris 2.6)
* educational login server (E3500, Solaris 2.6, Mentor Graphics tools)
* a few other misc sparcs, some so old it's embarrassing

Application-level responsibilities vary. I, for example, maintain the web 
environment and do much of the mimedefang hacking.

The Solaris 9 boxes currently rely on packages built by The Written 
Word (www.thewrittenword.com), but I've been told that this year's 
contract with TWW will be our last. The Solaris 2.6 login servers are 
slated for OS upgrades.

We're looking at migrating a number of services currently provided by 
SPARC/Solaris hosts to x86/Linux. The first candidate would be the 
mail server, since it's the oldest hardware. The V120s and V240s are 
all relatively new, and we'll see them at least through their warranty 
cycle (2-3 years) and perhaps longer.

In terms of work climate, it's fairly laid back. Work hours are 
somewhat flexible: I typically work 7-4, though others work 10-7 or 
even 11-8. There's not much in the way of dress code; I wear shorts 
through the summer.

We currently have a rotating pager; I get it every couple weeks, and 
haven't had a real incident since February or so.

If you're interested in pursuing this, feel free to ask more questions 
or you can contact our manager directly: Curt Corder at 
curt.corder at cse.ogi.edu.

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