[Jobposts] Looking for High-Level Java Architects & Developers in Philadelphia Area

Erin Mulder meara at alumni.princeton.edu
Tue Oct 21 20:47:16 EST 2003

Wanted: High-level Java architects and developers

Location: Fort Washington, PA, (USA) and several sites
           around Philadelphia, Princeton, Delaware

Chariot Solutions is growing quickly and looking to hire
more elite Java developers and architects.

Since its founding in June 2002, Chariot has gained a
reputation as a magnet for the best and brightest Java
minds in the Philadelphia region. Our people give seminars,
write articles, publish books, speak at conferences,
contribute to open source and generally make an impact on
the industry.

Most importantly, we work together to consistently exceed
our clients' expectations.  We show companies how a melded
team of highly skilled developers delivers a much greater
value than a project team assembled on the fly.

Right now, we'd like to get to know architects and
developers in the Philadelphia, Princeton, and Delaware
areas who fit the following general profiles:

Java Architect
    - Very strong problem-solving skills
    - Very strong interpersonal skills
    - Talent for understanding business needs and
       speaking to clients in their own terms
    - Motivated to constantly learn new technologies
    - Motivated to give back to the software community
      through articles, seminars, open source, etc.
    - Comfortable in hands-on development roles
    - 5+ years professional OO design and development
    - 5+ years Java
    - 3+ years with production J2EE applications
    - Experience with most common Java APIs/products/tools
    - Knowledge of competing and emerging technologies

Java Developer
    - Very strong problem-solving skills
    - Good team player
    - Motivated to stay current with relevant technologies
    - 3+ years with professional OO design and development
    - 2+ years Java
    - Solid understanding of J2EE technologies
    - At least one full lifecycle J2EE project

Please contact emulder at chariotsolutions.com for more
information, and feel free to forward this to anyone
you think may be interested.

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