[Jobposts] Kernel Hacker: San Francisco, USA

Mary mary-linuxchix at puzzling.org
Sun Oct 5 00:20:06 EST 2003

Hey folks,

Through my LUG:


Bruce Badger writes:

OpenSkills been asked if we know of a Kernel hacker who would be willing
to move to work in San Francisco.  It seems that a deal just fell
through with a person from Europe, so now the search is on again.

Here is a description of the position (just as I got it).  Let me [Bruce
Badger <bbadger at openskills.com>] know if you are interested, of if you
know of anyone who might be etc..

Job Title: Linux Kernel Software Engineer (in a SAN/NAS environment)

Required:  Unix/Linux kernel knowledge and experience in filesystems,
drivers, and memory management.  The candidate should have knowledge of
network storage systems (SAN & NAS).  Experience with large scalable
data center management applications is desired.

Excellent C/C++ skills are required as well as good written and verbal
skills.  Ability to & desire to work in a very strong, team-driven
LINUX version of Unix is not required, but Unix kernel is.

Role:  The position will be a very visible, senior hands-on member of a
very high-performance team that will extend the scope of virtual servers
to include additional architectures, optimization of server deployment,
and enhance the feature set to improve process/state management &
reporting, expand the capabilities of the software deployment paradigm,
and further abstract the details of management tasks from the workflow
design.  The specific team within this organization offers a great
opportunity to apply Linux to challenging high-end commercial
applications to a degree that hasn't been done yet.



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