[IndiChix] Summary of hosting offers + Voting (open till 2009feb07)

சுதர்சன் சாந்தியப்ப சுதர்சன் சாந்தியப்ப
Thu Feb 5 09:36:15 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Let me clarify something;  I was seeing people opting my service only for

My hosting service provides the following:

2) 1.5Tb of bandwidth
3) 150Gb of webspace
4) FTP Accounts
5) Email Address (physical and redirect) with A/V protection
6) MySQL DB with Backup/Restore and direct DB access
7) unlimited subdomains (useful for URLs with people name)
8) provides SSH access (mostly not needed, as WebUI is enough for all the
9) Cron jobs,
10) File manager
11) Firewall protection
12) The following are Apps that are natively supported:-

*Admin Tools

*  paFileDB  Advertising  Noah's Classifieds  OpenX  Blogs  Geeklog
Lifetype  reBlog  Serendipity  WordPress  Commerce Solutions  osCommerce
*Content Management*
anyInventory NEW!  Drupal  Joomla!  Mambo  MODx NEW!  Moodle  Nucleus
PostNuke  SilverStripe  Xoops  Forums  phpBB NEW!  SMF (Simple Machines
Forum)  Vanilla Forum
*Image Galleries*  4images  Coppermine Photo Gallery  Gallery

 *Project Management

*  Brim NEW!  dotProject  Mantis NEW!  phpCollab  PHProjekt

 *Social Networking*
Elgg NEW!  Tools/Scripts  jQuery  Script.aculo.us

 *Website Add-Ons*
Aardvark Topsites  Advanced Guestbook  PHCDownload NEW!  phpMyFAQ
phpMyVisites  WebCalendar  WWW Paint Board  *
MediaWiki  pmWiki  Twiki  *
OpenDB  OrangeHRM  phpFreeChat

Please reconsider your decisions.

Sudarsun S.

2009/2/5 Radha <radha.nitt at gmail.com>

> > 1. Sudarsan :
>> http://mailman.linuxchix.org/pipermail/indichix/2009-January/001449.html
>> > Hosts with GoDaddy.com, 100Gb of webspace, can allow multiple
>> > web-administrators to hover around the domain/webspace management,
>> > also willing to share the primary admin access credentials with a
>> > couple of "honest/responsible" members of the group, if needed.
> +1 for backup
> >
> > 5. Ketan, From :
> >
> http://mailman.linuxchix.org/pipermail/indichix/2009-February/001519.html
> > Mediawiki, a LAMP stack, SSH access and  1 TB Bandwidth per month.
>  +1 for Hosting
> Thanks,
> Radha
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