[Announce] Possibility to be on TV: might be USA only, NOT actually geek related

Meredydd meredydd at everybuddy.com
Fri Aug 20 20:55:08 EST 2004

FYI, "Faking It" is a format which involves someone, usually taken from 
a thoroughly "normal" walk of life, usually relatively shy, going on a 
crash course in doing something more unusual, always (as far as I've 
seen) very extroverted (DJ, performance chef, etc). At the end of this 
course, they then demonstrate with two (one? More?) real practitioners 
of whatever they've learnt, in front of a judge who attempts to 
determine the faker.

It sounds like fun to me, but if you're *really* shy, and that kind of 
exposure and/or seat-of-your-pants pretending would kill you, be 
warned. The shyness isn't there to be celebrated, it's there to be 
challenged. On the other hand, if that's your cup of tea, it could be a 

Here's a link to info on the UK version of the show; the US version's 
probably a little different, but the same basic idea:


On Friday 20 August 2004 16:34, LinuxChix Coordinator wrote:
> For some reason, some TV show called 'Faking It' wants a 'shy, geeky
> woman' interested in appearing on the show, and able to leave their
> job and family for four weeks.
> They also have some narrow and (to me) weirdly pointless criteria
> about size, height and age: US? sizes 4 or 6, 5'9", 21-27.
> Nor did they say what country they're in, and what country the
> applicant must be in. The casting agent's email address includes
> 'usa.com', and whoises to a California address, so I figure that US
> is a good bet. :)
> If you're interested, let me know.
> If anyone has a guess why the weird criteria, other than the somewhat
> offensive obvious, I'd like to know. :)
> Jenn V.

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