[Techtalk] Phones and tablets conversion to Linux

W i_write_words at posteo.net
Tue Nov 9 13:39:14 UTC 2021

I'm incredibly frustrated. By the time I could afford the hardware to flash Replicant, it and my hard earned knowledge were obsoleted.

Hopefully I'll be more patient with random strangers online who just don't have time for the US and its problems.

I am currently using a Pinephone Beta Convergence edition. This isn't the Pinephone Pro that just came out, but more of a "people's edition" that  is comparably priced to an unlocked Moto E6.

The hardware is beta, the software is still in alpha, but it's looking great so far. I'm excited and getting ready to dump my Android phone as well as my sticks and bricks rented housing.

The Pinephone boots from SD card so it won't limit distro hopping and general fun, but it's a lot more practical for vehicle dwellers than a laptop.

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