[Techtalk] Phones and tablets conversion to Linux

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 21:00:24 UTC 2021

Hey there,

Alvin Goats wrote:

>In the US, 3G is being shelved and with various mergers going on,
>some services (i.e. Sprint) are going to be closed down with their 
>connections for 4G/LTE being shut off as well.

Yes. It's very frustrating that many of us have phones that would
work just fine on the new network, but they didn't make it onto our
providers' small lists of approved devices, so we have to replace
them with phones that have similar capabilities, which is just silly
and is simply causing us to crack open our wallets for no good (to
us, anyway) reason.

>Consequently, I have some phones that are going to go dead. Phone is 
>good, but no longer supported by anyone.

You're not alone.

>SO....how to root the phone (and for that matter any tablet) and
>install Linux on them.

That's a great idea, but be careful which ones you root. Here in
America, the DCMA has decided that it's not legal to root tablets:


I've never done it and wouldn't know the first thing about the best
way to go about it, but will be watching this thread with interest
since I'm about to have an electronic paperweight, too.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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