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On Wed, 23 Mar 2016 19:59:29 +0000
David Sumbler <david at aeolia.co.uk> wrote:

> My partner and I have at last bought a house together, and we now
> have a nice little study with her computer and mine, as well as my HP
> LaserJet 1010 B&W printer and her Epson XP-225 colour inkjet printer.
> I decided that it would be good if both computers could control both
> printers.  (Both computers are currently running Ubuntu 12.04)
> I managed to get the Epson set up on our wifi and installed on both
> computers, so I'm half way there.
> The HP printer, though, is not wifi capable, and is connected to my
> computer via USB.  I am extremely vague about what I need to do to
> turn it into a network printer.  I suspect that it means tangling
> with Samba (which has always been pretty much of a mystery to me).
> Am I right?  And can someone point me in the direction of some useful
> explanation of what I need to do?  My on-line searches haven't been
> very productive so far.
> David

If you are both running Linux, and your two PCs are networked and can
ping each other, it should be as simple as checking the 'Share printers
connected to this system' box on your CUPS Administration page

You may need to install the networked printer on the PC that it is not
connected to; click the Add Printer button and it should find the
networked printer. But you still have to wade through the rest of the
installation steps. Apple's stewardship of CUPS is so awesome. :P


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