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Lisa Kachold lisakachold at obnosis.com
Wed Jun 29 01:26:26 UTC 2016

> Hi Poppy,
> Historically, women have not been heavily involved in specification for
> DISK/DATA, but must just step up and fix things with the types of quick
> short term choices similar to those you initially suggested herein.
> It appears that the "data requirements" were insufficiently addressed by
> the former decisions with implementation of ownCloud.
> Clearly any professional would point you toward adding on another NAS/SAN
> or data appliance.
> Depending on the full stack implementation and ultimate requirements for
> ALL data, you naturally would want to evaluate the full needs, adjacent
> systems, and pepper in some knowledge of existing choices in place, managed
> by the Linux Admin industry wide.  All of such considerations are too
> lengthy for a quick "need disk" email, of course, but let's just brainstorm
> solutions quickly?
> Adding data on at the level required is probably not going be feasible for
> their needs without additional appliance.  Great tools exist provided you
> have rackspace:
> FreeNAS
> <http://www.mondaiji.com/blog/other/it/10210-the-hunt-for-the-ultimate-free-open-source-nas-distro>
> A shared access NAS disk structure can be rearranged trivially, can be
> exported/mounted via NFS4 or iSCSI or even some of both and will work with
> SMB, but with REAL fully integrated, centrally managed file system access
> controls (as discussed in the next SMB discussion section).
> At the server layer, iSCSI NAS disk is loaded at a very low/high stack as
> a device and requires very low network load, unlike SMB which relies on UDP
> packets (non-controlled and limited to local networks), NFS4 exported
> shares can be very network dependent, depending on switches and capacity,
> and could add noticable lag due to latency and collisions, should you
> attempt to present what is available on the NAS presented to ownClown
> directly to the higher levels of the application layer via web systems.
> Your "workstation SMB access" problems would point to the replacing SMB
> with the addition of a NAS integrated via Kerberos or AD access controls.
> It also appears that the SMB file access limitations are also no longer
> scaling to the full data needs.  Any NAS would provide the ability for such
> controls to exist outside of your management of SMB in whatever central
> Windows, Linux, OS X application is maintaining access in the current
> model?  Free kerberos or winbind to Active Directory tools exist for any
> NAS or linux system and would be something I would propose as a solution to
> the SMB problems.
> https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-Guide/DomApps.html
> LikeWiseOpen
> <http://andys.org.uk/bits/2010/01/28/likewise-open-and-linux/>
> The building of a NAS in the opensource venue, can be sidestepped with the
> purchase of an "out of the box" toaster with these capacities:
> A/D, NFS4 and/or iSCSI and a great number of very inexpensive commercial
> linux firmware based solutions exist that would sit inconspiculously on top
> of the existing server hardware, where a FreeNAS would require server space.
> The LikeWiseOpen piece would install on ownCloud as a daemon and integrate
> with A/D or Apple Server Kerberos or whatever is managing access for each
> developer when they login each day, just as would the NAS allowing it all
> to tie together in what I like to call the "ULTIMATE LINUX SOLUTION" -
> which we working at the lowest layers of the OSI stack have a unique
> ability to recommend.
> I hope this helps?
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> On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 4:26 PM, Poppy Lochridge <poppy at netcorps.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My employer may be rescuing a project for a local nonprofit.
>> Previous consultant set up a CentOS system running apache and ownCloud.
>> Three logical volumes: one swap, one mounted as the ownCloud data folder,
>> one root.
>> Staff are SUPER unhappy with the performance of accessing 1TB of data via
>> WebDAV, and we're looking at moving their data out to another folder which
>> can be shared SMB with their workstations and added back into ownCloud via
>> External Storage for cloud-based access outside of the office.
>> None of the existing logical volumes have enough capacity to move the
>> data to - all of the capacity has been assigned to the ownCloud data
>> volume, and I don't want to create an External Storage folder there as that
>> seems confusing for the users and future admins.
>> I think I'm seeing 2 possible options:
>> (1)    Resize the volumes to create space in the root volume for the
>> External Storage folder, or
>> (2)    Change the mount point on the ownCloud data volume so that it
>> mounts further up the folder tree, enabling us to create the External
>> Storage folder in that volume without resizing.
>> I know this is pretty sketchy information - if there's anything critical
>> that I'm missing, please tell me.
>> What I'm looking for is some advice on options (1) and (2). Are either of
>> them likely to erase data, are either of them impossible, what's the most
>> effective way to get from point A to point B?
>> Thanks in advance - I'm a 'chix from a long-time-ago who's not been
>> around in a decade or more.
>> --Poppy
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