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Poppy Lochridge poppy at netcorps.org
Tue Jun 28 23:26:29 UTC 2016

Hi all,

My employer may be rescuing a project for a local nonprofit.

Previous consultant set up a CentOS system running apache and ownCloud. Three logical volumes: one swap, one mounted as the ownCloud data folder, one root.

Staff are SUPER unhappy with the performance of accessing 1TB of data via WebDAV, and we're looking at moving their data out to another folder which can be shared SMB with their workstations and added back into ownCloud via External Storage for cloud-based access outside of the office.

None of the existing logical volumes have enough capacity to move the data to - all of the capacity has been assigned to the ownCloud data volume, and I don't want to create an External Storage folder there as that seems confusing for the users and future admins.

I think I'm seeing 2 possible options:

(1)    Resize the volumes to create space in the root volume for the External Storage folder, or

(2)    Change the mount point on the ownCloud data volume so that it mounts further up the folder tree, enabling us to create the External Storage folder in that volume without resizing.

I know this is pretty sketchy information - if there's anything critical that I'm missing, please tell me.
What I'm looking for is some advice on options (1) and (2). Are either of them likely to erase data, are either of them impossible, what's the most effective way to get from point A to point B?

Thanks in advance - I'm a 'chix from a long-time-ago who's not been around in a decade or more.


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