[Techtalk] How to make nvme (pci) raid. Drives not recognised

Leslie MacDougall lesmacdee at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 11:36:03 UTC 2016

How do I get linux to raid nvme M2 drives?
I have 2 samsung 950 pro m2 ssd
2 asus hyper m2 x4 cards (pci adapter for ssd's)
asus rampage v extreme motherboard (bios 1801)

I can load the OS on them individually and boot from each.
I would like to set them to raid0 but they show up in linux as
block device nvme0n1 and nvme1n1
(not viewable in gparted or fdisk)

All raid instructions I see refer to sda ,sdb, etc
I would like the raid to be
option 1/ bootable raid0 (partitioned);
option 2/ boot on raid1 root etc on raid0 (partitioned);
or option 3/ boot on another drive root etc on raid (partitioned)
I know the risks with raid0 and know about back up

I am probably trying to over complicate things and getting in a mess
The OS is zorin 9 ultimate (64bit) (ubuntu 14.04 lts)

I hope this is enough info to get an answer
step by step would be much apprediated (old but still learning)
Regards from Leslie

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