[Techtalk] Amazing Progress and Your Turn Now!

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Mon May 4 18:32:23 UTC 2015

Hello everyone! Here is another multi-list blast for your edification!

The amazing Terry, whose last name I do not know, has spent the past
few weeks giving the Linuxchix infrastructure a thorough spring
cleaning. It was messy, with various problems and broken bits. Again, I
must take a moment to recognize and thank the volunteers who have kept
things going all these years with little recognition or help: Maria,
Kathryn, Akkana, Gayathri, and the various list admins who I am too
lazy to look up their names at the moment (hint: that is a good and
easy task for someone who wants a simple volunteer task)

We are getting a server upgrade thanks to our good hosts at osuosl.org,
who provide free hosting and excellent support. 

There is still some infrastructure work to do; it's not done yet. But
Terry has made remarkable progress in a short time, and with help from
Maria, Kathryn, Akkana, Gayathri, and the various list admins who I am
too lazy etc. Those names sure look familiar, don't they? We have a few
new volunteers who have stepped up to take on some tasks. We need more.
I am delighted with the new volunteers, and a little disappointed with
the lack of response to all the messages asking for feedback and

Many hands make light work, and I would love to see more people taking
on tasks, no matter how small. Don't wait for someone to take you by
the hand-- subscribe to the Volunteers list to stay updated. If you
have already expressed interest in volunteering, don't be shy! Speak up
with a task that you want to do, or a request for ideas. Be realistic
about how much time you can commit; many people doing small tasks is
better than a few core volunteers doing everything. You don't need to
be an expert; willing to learn and dependable are awesome.

thanks and come join the party!

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