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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Jul 26 12:47:32 UTC 2015

On 07/26/2015 03:08 AM, Rudy Zijlstra wrote:
> Hi Raena
> Op 26-07-15 om 09:59 schreef Raena:
>> Hi LChx TT List
>> If this is a bad list to discuss new hardware just boot me off and 
>> direct me to a better list or a better place.
> Anything Technical related is OK, so very much right list :)
>> I need a light portable reasonably powerful laptop not a gaming 
>> device but nice for video.
> Personally i dislike Apple SW, but i admit to liking the laptops. I 
> dislike  the current crop of Lenovo because of its touchpad. The DELL 
> you are looking at i do not know, Sorry for that ;)
>> I have read a bunch or reviews of the Ubuntu build of the Dell XPS 13 
>> Developers Ubuntu Ed. They rave about how nice the laptop looks and 
>> its specs but it seems as if there are some niggles with getting the 
>> touchpad to work properly and the display to configure nicely. Whist 
>> I am not averse to tweaking about and have got alot of enjoyment and 
>> satisfaction from getting thing to work if I am paying $1500 for 
>> something that is pre-installed with Ubuntu I do not want to waste a 
>> weekend getting it running properly. If it means installing a newer 
>> version of Linux then fine.
>> Should I be looking for another laptop?  Are the niggles worth it? 
>> Any feedback advice etc would be enormously appreciated.
> Good luck finding a suitabke laptop !
> Cheers
> Rudy
> _______________

I bought a "new old stock" HP Pavilion dv-7. AMD quad core with 8 gig 
memory. One really nice feature is that it has space for two hard 
drives. It also has a Blueray player DVD/CD burner drive but good luck 
playing Bluerays in Linux.

With Kubuntu 14.04 everything works "right out of the box". No niggles.

I moved the original Windows drive to the second position and installed 
the Kubuntu drive in the primary. Booted up, reconfigured Grub and was 
off and running. [ I took the drive out of my old Gateway laptop and put 
it in the HP. ]

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